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#119. Drink Order Chapter 5. My Lunch with Lynne

Drink Order
Ch 5.5 * #119 * Jul. 3, 2022
  1. Chloe and Lynne, seated at the cafe table. Waiter: "...and the lunch special is our house cobb salad with spicy tomato butter soup. But can I get you ladies something to drink first?"
  2. Chloe: "What's the stiffest drink you have?" Waiter: "We don't serve alcohol, sorry." Lynne: "That's okay by me, I don't drink."
  3. Chloe (darkly): "Fine then. I'll take a Coke." Lynne (darkly): "Diet Coke."
  4. Waiter (nervous): "Yikes. I served Cthulhu and a talking centipede this morning, and you two are still way scarier."
Characters: Chloe, Lynne, Waiter

Let's hear it for the restaurant workers, who put up with unspeakable horrors every day for way too small a paycheck. Tip your waiter, folks!

— Inker