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General Questions

What's Day Two about?
Maybe you should've clicked on the About page instead of the FAQ?
Okay, then the obvious question. WTF is this?
Look, I know Day Two is pretty weird. Just go with it.
Followup question: What is wrong with you that you actually wanted to make this?
I'm strange, and I like strange things. That's the best I can tell you.

Meta Questions

Why is this called Day Two?
Will it ever be Day Three?
No, that misses the whole point; go read Chloe's explanation again.

Backstory and Setting

Will we ever see what happened on Day One?
"Day One" is the planned title for chapter 9.
Where does Day Two take place?
Pasadena, California and the general Los Angeles area.
How was the world broken?
Zia's research was badly misused.
What did Dr. Bernovitch and the Khazovians do?
They did something bad with Zia's work.
Was the change instantaneous, or did it take time?
Was it hard for people to figure out how to use their new bodies?
No, that understanding was innate to their new forms.
How many people did the change affect?
About one fifth of the world's population.
Did it affect only women?
Is there magic in the world, or not?


How does Chloe's centaur body work?
It's kind of mutant and freaky.
Doesn't Chloe see anything positive about being a centaur?
As a general rule, no.
Where does Chloe keep her cell phone?
In her shirt pocket.
Since Chloe can't reach, how does she attend to "personal needs"?
What do Chloe and Zia do for a living?
Chloe works at a museum, and Zia works at Caltech and Ultramart.
Why not just give Priscilla a ride and get it over with?


How long is Zia's tail, really?
Only 3 feet, but her snake half is 20 feet 3 inches long.
Was Zia human or a snake when she went inside the portal in chapter 3?
She was both.

Other Worlds

How many parallel universes are out there?
Was Three transformed, or was she always a spider?
She was transformed at age 14.
Did Three "go native"?
No, she thinks like a person, not a spider.
Is Three living in a post-scarcity world?
Who the heck is Lily?
Lily is Chloe Two's long-term girlfriend.

Tools & Resources

What tools do you use to make Day Two?
  • I initially write the scripts as plain text in Notepad++. I write a whole chapter at once, and I revise and edit the script for each chapter several times, all in Notepad++.
  • I draw each comic in CorelDRAW 2019 as vector art.
  • I reuse older art to save time, and sometimes I do filler comics to give me a chance to draw characters or props at unusual angles I don't have in my "stock archive."
  • The word bubbles are hand-drawn in every panel.
  • I use custom "Finalize" software I wrote in C# to resize and resample and tweak and "finish" each exported page.
  • I use IrfanView and Corel Photo-Paint to check and sometimes crop or tweak the finished comics.
  • What fonts/typefaces does Day Two use?
  • The Day Two logo is hand-drawn.
  • Word bubbles in comics use Komika Caps and Komika Display Caps.
  • The title pages use Poor Richard.
  • "Day Two" in the upper corner of each page is Arial Rounded.
  • The title of each comic uses Classical Garamond Italic.
  • The "phantom inker" signature on each page is in Avant Garde Medium.
  • The website uses Noto Sans for paragraph text.
  • The website uses Lilita One for display text and headings.
  • Website

    What software does the Day Two website use?
  • It's custom code written in TypeScript.
  • It runs on NodeJS.
  • It uses ExpressJS as the webserver.
  • The search engine is based on Minisearch.
  • Templating is done with EJS.
  • Content is Markdown parsed with Commonmark.
  • There's a little jQuery on the frontend, and Lightbox does the popup images.
  • The stylesheets are all custom CSS compiled with Sass.
  • There's no database software — just careful use of lots of JSON and Markdown files.
  • Is the webcomic software open source?
    Sorry, not at this time. A later version of it probably will be, but it's currently designed for my workflow and not very user-friendly to anyone else.