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#185. The Road to Hell Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

The Road to Hell
Ch 6.16 * #185 * Apr. 21, 2024
  1. Zia: "Angel's been a self-righteous monster her entire life, and nobody ever, ever sees it." Chloe: "Zia, are you — "
  2. Zia: "Why do you think I left home when I was sixteen?" "My life was a living hell under that roof. Everyone tried to tell me who to be, and how to live, and what I was supposed to want." "And she was the worst! Every day she barged into my life with stupid platitudes, and she never once actually cared about me. She never once asked about what I wanted."
  3. Chloe (exasperated): "Zia — then what do you want?"
  4. Zia (cold as ice, her hair blowing): "I want to see her ruined by the only person who can: Herself."
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