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#171. Laundry Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Ch 6.2 * #171 * Jan. 14, 2024
  1. Chloe: "Who's coming?" Zia (nailing boards onto the door with a hammer): "Living nightmare in human form." "Spawn of Cthulhu." "The most terrifying being ever to walk the Earth, including the cast of Friends."
  2. Zia: "My sister." Zia (darkly): "Angel."
  3. Chloe: "She can't possibly be that bad." Zia: "I'll do your laundry for a year if you tell her I moved out!"
  4. Chloe: "Do you even know how to do laundry?" Zia (exasperated): "I'll take a class!"
Characters: Chloe, Zia

Oh, Zia, we all know you'd just say you took the class and then bribe someone else to do the laundry.

— Inker