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#174. MCU Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Ch 6.5 * #174 * Feb. 4, 2024
  1. Chloe: "So what do you do, Angel?" Angel: "I'm a therapist and motivational speaker." "I try hard to help everyone become their best selves!" Zia (mutters): "...or ruin them."
  2. Chloe: "Really?" Angel: "I once worked with a brilliant actor who'd made a lot of bad decisions." "He'd gotten into drugs and alcohol, and he was really going in a bad direction." "He was in all the papers."
  3. Angel: "We talked it out over a lot of one-on-one sessions." "It was hard work, but he finally got clean." "I'm so proud of him!" "And now he's happily married with kids, and about to star in his fifth 'Iron Man' movie!"
  4. Zia: "Now do you see why she needs to be destroyed!?" Chloe: "Hey, I like those movies!"
Characters: Angel, Chloe, Zia

Fun Fact: Chloe may not have heard of her, but Angel's well-known as the Therapist to the Stars: If you're in Hollywood and your life's gone off the rails, well — "Get yourself a guardian Angel!" 😉

— Inker