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#83. Reading Nook Chapter 4. Me, Myself, and Yikes

Reading Nook
Ch 4.2 * #83 * Oct. 11, 2020
  1. Chloe on her bed in her bedroom, reading a book.
  2. *creak* Chloe looks up from the book.
  3. *CRASH* The bed collapses out from under her. *SHOOM*
  4. Zia pokes her head in. Chloe is disheveled on the destroyed bed, her pillow on her head. Zia: "Dang, Chloe. You must weigh — " Chloe: "Say another word, and I'll kick you so hard you'll be the first snake driven into Ireland."
Characters: Chloe, Zia

Never, ever even mention a woman's weight, no matter how much objective evidence there might be about it.

Fun fact: After 83 comics, I've finally created one that made my wife laugh out loud. She's a tough audience 🙂

Funner fact: This comic is my 500th deviation! w00t!

— Inker