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#16. Signs Chapter 1. It Begins!

Ch 1.16 * #16 * May 26, 2019
  1. Chloe, standing and reading a book.
  2. Sudden bright flash of light. *BOMF*
  3. Chloe, stunned, with a sign on her back that reads "ALL DELIVERIES IN REAR -->". Zia, laughing hysterically, holding a camera, and her tail is over Chloe's back, having deposited the sign. Zia: "Bwahahahaha!"
  4. Chloe: "How much did this stupid gag cost you?" Zia, still laughing: "Twenty bucks, and worth every penny." Chloe: "You'd better still have your half of the rent." End: "End"
Characters: Chloe, End, Zia

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