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#187. Technical Knock Out Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Technical Knock Out
Ch 6.18 * #187 * May 5, 2024
  1. Angel (flying and glowing as holy music plays): "And that's how I know you all have it in you to truly be your best selves!"
  2. Angel (glowing, and hugging the others): "Group hug!"
  3. (The Angels are hugging in the background.) Zia: "What — the actual fork?"
  4. Angel walks over, glowing brightly. Angel: "Hey, Zia!" Zia: "Wha — " "What — " "Where's the fight?"
  5. Angel (cheerfully, glowing): "There's no fight! We just had a little misunderstanding. We're all doing just great!"
  6. (The other Angels come over.) Angelica: "She's really nice." Angeline: "We just got off on the wrong foot!" Angela: "Yeah, she's great!"
  7. Zia stares, boggling, as Angel glows happily.
  8. Zia (shouting): "Are you effing kidding me!?"
Characters: Angel, Angela, Angelica, Angeline, Zia


It's super effective!

Enemy ZIA is confused!

— Inker