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#97. Three Chapter 4. Me, Myself, and Yikes

Ch 4.16 * #97 * Jan. 24, 2021
  1. The Chloes, eating pizza. Chloe and Two talking animatedly, while Three looks bored.
  2. Three glances over and notices a drider guy. Kyle.
  3. Three goes over and exchanges greetings with the drider guy and his friend, while Chloe and Two talk in the background.
  4. Three, happily toasting drinks with the drider guy.
  5. Three, walking out of the restaurant with the drider guy, with little hearts over their heads.
  6. Chloe (points at the empty spot where Three was): "Um... Two... where's Three?" Two: "Aw, hell."
Characters: Chloe, Kyle, Three, Two

Uhhh, Houston — we have a problem.

This comic took me forever and a half to draw; I literally spent about six hours on this one, because nothing in it was reusable and I had to design a whole bunch of characters from scratch and nothing's covered up by speech bubbles either. I have some serious work to do now to rebuild my comic buffer after this; the scripts are written, but there's nothing at all drawn.

Fun fact: The script originally called for having everyone seated in booths, still with the drider guy with his friends across the restaurant; but booths just made no sense after I started drawing it, so everybody's seated at tables now. Also: Drider guy's there with two other guys, but there was no good way to show his other friend in the scene 🙂

— Inker