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#132. Effects May Last Chapter 5. My Lunch with Lynne

Effects May Last
Ch 5.18 * #132 * Oct. 2, 2022
  1. Lynne: "I suppose we need to leave, don't we?" Chloe: "Until I can get WiFi and a Barcalounger in here, yeah." Lynne: "So how do we — ?" Chloe: "Just pull the cable until you're out."
  2. Lynne and Chloe floating along the wire. Lynne: "Goodbye, feet, I'll miss you. 'Till next time."
  3. Big action scene where Lynne and Chloe come flying out of the portal. Lyne: "AAAAAAAAAAAA"
  4. Lynne (holding her feet): "I — I'm still human!" Chloe: "Are you seriously kid — " Zia: "Well, now this is interesting."
Characters: Chloe, Lyne, Lynne, Zia

...if effects of Portal-inol last longer than 24 hours, call your doctor/mechanic/veterinarian immediately. Some users of Portal-inol may experience nausea, confusion, sweating, dizziness, confusion, loss of appetite, confusion, loss of body parts, and confusion. Portal-inol can be habit-forming in some cases. Do not use Portal-inol if you are pregnant or could become pregnant, have high blood pressure, have had a heart attack or stroke, are a completely normal human, or are an energy-based life form. You may experience irritability after you stop using Portal-inol.

Portal-inol: Experience life like it used to be! Ask your therapist if Portal-inol is right for you!

— Inker