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#182. Emergency Precautions Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Emergency Precautions
Ch 6.13 * #182 * Mar. 31, 2024
  1. Angel: "Zia, can we just talk?" Zia (holding a giant electrical plug): "Mwa ha ha!"
  2. Angel (to Sophia): "What's going on here?" Sophia: "Zia fired up the portal generator at a really weird frequency. I'm not sure what she's doing."
  3. Angel (shouting): "Zia, please stop!" Zia: "Oh, no, we're jussst getting ssstarted!"
  4. Chloe (to Sophia): "Um — is this dangerous?" Sophia: "Nah..." "...but unrelated: How fast can a horse run from explosions, and can it carry a ball of mud?"
Characters: Angel, Chloe, Sophia, Zia

It seems we've gone full "supervillain origin story."

— Inker