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#112. Equestrienne The Priscilla Comics

#112 * Jun. 13, 2021
  1. Chloe (walking away from Priscilla): "Listen, with all due respect, can you bother somebody else?" Priscilla: "I'm not leaving until I ride you, magical unicorn princess."
  2. Chloe: "I told you, I'm not a unicorn, and I'm not a horse. I just look like one." Priscilla: "Close enough! Now let me ride you!"
  3. Chloe: "Seriously, do you even know how to ride a horse?" Priscilla (angrily): "I'll figure it out!"
  4. Chloe (walks off): "Whatever. Come back after you've had riding lessons, kid." Priscilla (shouting at passers-by): "You all heard her!" "She promised I could ride her after I take lessons!" "Somebody's phone better have recorded that!"
Characters: Chloe, Priscilla

Chloe, you should know better than to negotiate with terrorists.

— Inker