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#86. The Eye of the Beholder Chapter 4. Me, Myself, and Yikes

The Eye of the Beholder
Ch 4.5 * #86 * Nov. 8, 2020
  1. Chloe: "Say, can I ask you a question?" Sophia: "Sure." Chloe: "What's it like being just a — ball of goo?"
  2. Sophia: "So much better, you have no idea! I have as many hands as I'll ever need, and I'm way better-looking." Chloe: "You're kidding."
  3. Sophia (facing away from the camera, produces a head from her goo): "See? I used to look like this." *bloop*. Chloe freaks out at the sight.
  4. Zia (facepalm): "Would you please warn people before you do that?" Sophia: "Well, she did ask." Chloe is upside-down on the floor, twitching. *twitch* *twitch*
Characters: Chloe, Sophia, Zia

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