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#177. Family Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Ch 6.8 * #177 * Feb. 25, 2024
  1. (at lunch) Angel: "Zia — Mamá and Papá want you to come home. After what happened to you, everyone is so worried. It could be just a short visit." Zia (looking down): "Not this again..."
  2. Angel: "Please, Zia, it's not like you to avoid the family like this!" Zia (glowering): "..."
  3. Angel: "I'm not in Pasadena just for the convention. They asked me — to talk to you while I was here. They thought I had the best chance to convince you if anyone could." "I know you like living here, but we care about you, and family is forev — "
  4. Zia: "Convince me!? Not like me to avoid you!?" "Do you know me? Do any of you know me!?" "I'm not going back to be stifled again!" "I have my own life! I like my own life!" "All you people, stop bothering me and just go lead your own!"
  5. Angel: "Zia, you can't be happy being poor in this little apartment!" "— No offense." Chloe: "None taken." Angel: "Mamá really thinks you — "
  6. Zia storms out, slamming the door behind her. *WHAM*. Angel: "Zia!"
  7. Chloe and Angel stare at the door. Chloe: "Yikes."
  8. Angel: "Honestly, that went better than last time."
Characters: Angel, Chloe, Zia

Uh oh.

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