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#178. Zia's History Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Zia's History
Ch 6.9 * #178 * Mar. 3, 2024
  1. Angel: "Zia left home when she was sixteen. For years, every time we found her, she'd move, and we'd have to search again. She once lived in a cardboard box for three months to avoid us."
  2. Angel: "She's so stubborn. She insists she can handle the world on her own, but she never really could. We tried so hard to talk her into coming home every time something went wrong. And now that she's not even human anymore, we're more worried than ever about her."
  3. Angel: "I'm glad she's found a friend, though, especially one with a good head on your shoulders. She needs your kind of influence in her life."
  4. Chloe: "You sure she's not just making me worse?" Angel: "If any of you rubbed off on her at all, we'll take it as a win."
Characters: Angel, Chloe

Good luck with that, Angel.

— Inker