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#152 * Mar. 5, 2023
  1. Chloe: "Hey, Three! Glad you could make it!" Three: "What's all this about?" Chloe: "We're answering people's questions about our world, and they have several for you." Three: "Well, okay."
  2. Chloe: "So were you transformed too, or were you always a spider?" Three: "What? No! I turned into this when I was fourteen."
  3. Chloe (horrified): "God, that must've been horrible!"
  4. Three: "Please!" "Scared the [censored] out of my entire high school, and then slept in my own hammock at the top of a tree that night." "Best night of my life!" Chloe: "We are really not the same person."
  5. Chloe: "A lot of people want to know then: Did you, um, 'go native?'" Three: "What do you mean?" Chloe: "I think they want to know if you're more spider than human, like you — eat stuff raw?"
  6. Three: "What? No! I like cheeseburgers! Raw meat is nasty!" Chloe: "Maybe we have something in common after all."
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