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#153 * Mar. 12, 2023
  1. Chloe: "Three, are you living in a post-scarcity world?" Three: "Uh... meaning?" Chloe: "It says here that they want to know about money in your world."
  2. Three: "We don't use it. Most people just do what they're good at. It averages out, really." Chloe: "But what about thieves and crooks and psychos?"
  3. Three: "They're — in jail?" Chloe: "I really feel like there's a much longer answer here than we have time for."
  4. Three (frowning): "And I feel like I have a lot of questions for you and your audience about your worlds."
Characters: Chloe, Three

Really, from that perspective, we're the crazy ones.

— Inker