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#179. Feathers Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Ch 6.10 * #179 * Mar. 10, 2024
  1. Angel: "We really have to find Zia before she gets into trouble again." Chloe: "Trouble does tend to follow her."
  2. (Chloe's phone rings.) Chloe: "— ?" *ring ring*
  3. Chloe (on the phone): "Hello?" "Uh huh." "Right." "Um, I don't think —" "Okay." "Fine."
  4. Angel: "What was that?" Chloe (hangs up): "Zia's at her lab, and she says she set up an elaborate trap for you." "I'm not supposed to tell you that last part."
  5. Angel (facepalming): "¡Madre de dios! It's Pomona all over again!" Chloe: "She's done this before?"
  6. Angel (irritably): "Last time she tried to tar and feather me." Chloe (grinning): "And here I thought your feathers were all-natural."
Characters: Angel, Chloe

Chloe made a funny! Chloe made a funny!

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