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#71. Mom The Priscilla Comics

#71 * Jun. 21, 2020
  1. Chloe walking down the street, with Priscilla following her carrying a saddle. Priscilla: "Please let me ride you?" Chloe: "No." Priscilla: "Please!?" Chloe: "No."
  2. Priscilla: "But you're a Magical Unicorn Princess!" "What if I give you an apple?" Chloe: "No." Chloe: "Look, kid, where's your mom?"
  3. Priscilla (points at a scantily-dressed woman on a park bench looking at her phone): "Over there, texting all her boyfriends before her shift at the liquor store." "So can I ride you?"
  4. Chloe (grimacing): "Geez, kid." Priscilla (cheerfully): "Paints a picture, doesn't it?"
Characters: Chloe, Priscilla

I don't know if this is an explanation for Priscilla's behavior, or if it just raises more questions.

— Inker