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#113. Mr. Grimples Miscellaneous Specials

Mr. Grimples
#113 * Dec. 5, 2021
  1. Floofy: "Hello Mr. Grimples!" Grimples: "Hello Floofy!" Floofy: "How's Mrs. Grimples, Mr. Grimples?" Grimples: "Oh, she's fine! She bought a new comb yesterday."
  2. Floofy: "That's great! How's the weather today?" Grimples: "Well, it rained earlier, but the blow dryer fixed me right up!" Floofy: "That's great!"
  3. Floofy (startled): "Oh no, Mr. Grimples!" Grimples (on fire): "Oh, don't worry, Floofy, this happens all the time!" "Why don't you put the fire out, and then we can go get some ice cream!"
  4. Chloe: "Will you stop that!?" Zia (playing with the fuzzballs and a lighter and a fire extinguisher): "When you clean the drain, then you pick the story."
Characters: Chloe, Floofy, Grimples, Zia

After everything that's happened... Zia is still Zia.

I'm so very much overdue for posting a new Day Two comic. I wrote this script nearly a year ago, and tonight I was reading through my scripts and I just had to finally draw it. Day Two isn't really back, per se: I have too much on my slate to commit to it fully yet. But maybe some time during this winter, we can finally start up what was supposed to happen last summer.

In the meanwhile... introducing Floofy's friend and neighbor, Mr. Grimples. rofl

— Inker