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#46. Reader Mail Month #8 Reader Mail Month

Reader Mail Month #8
#46 * Dec. 22, 2019
  1. Zia: "Um... 'Chloe and Zia: This is a bit of a personal question, but how do you suppose your "partner-prospects" have been affected since the incident? Especially Chloe, as I can see the "conception" part might be hard.'"
  2. Chloe: "These... questions... are getting really weird and personal." Zia (shrugging): "I probably lay eggs, I dunno about you."
  3. Chloe (takes another question): "'Are we ever going to see you in a strapless bra version of your shirt since I truly love natural female Centaurs wearing strapless bras covering their breasts?'" Zia (facepalm): "I guess that's at least phrased as a question."
  4. Chloe (digging through the box of questions): "'...Evening gown...'" "'How about a bikini...'" "'I want to know if Chloe's underwear is pink'?! Seriously, what is with these people?"
  5. Zia: "We asked for questions from the Internet. What did you expect?" "Lemme look."
  6. Zia (digs through box): "'I want to date Chloe.'" "'I love Chloe from Day Two.'" "'I've developed a crush on Chloe.'" "'I've been wondering if Chloe has a boyfriend.'" "'Can my character be Chloe's boyfriend?'" "'...look like under Chloe's tail?'" "'plz draw chole nakked!!!'"
  7. Zia: (looks up, holding up the empty box) "Are we done here?" Chloe (steaming angry): "We are SO done here."
  8. Zia: "Thanks all for participating in this year's 'Reader Mail Month,' and we hope to see you again next time!" End: "End."
Characters: Chloe, End, Zia

Don't blame me. You people asked the questions.

...and actually, I cheated a little here: Some of those "questions" were sent to my inbox before the October 1, 2019 announcement for "Reader Mail Month," but I still considered them fair game for the script. Again, don't blame me. You people wrote 'em. >_>

And Chloe, please, put the bat down. I can explain. I swear it's not my fau — ow ow ow!

— Inker