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Announcement: Reader Mail Month! Reader Mail Month

Announcement: Reader Mail Month!
#0 * Oct. 1, 2019
  1. Chloe: "Hi, I'm Chloe Bloom!" Zia: "And I'm Zia Mendez!" Chloe: "And we're the stars of the hit new webcomic, Day Two!"
  2. Zia: "We're here today obliterating the fourth wall to announce that November is Reader Mail Month!" Chloe: "That's right! Write in those questions you've been dying to ask about Day Two, and we'll spend the month of November answering them!"
  3. (In front of a screen capture of deviantART.) Zia: "Just send your question in a Note right here on deviantART! Inker will collect your questions throughout October, and in November, we'll answer the best ones!"
  4. Chloe: "Wait. Are we really answering any question?" Zia: "As long as it doesn't give away spoilers. Keeps the fans engaged." Chloe: "So they can ask — " Zia: "How much your horsebutt weighs, and you'll have to answer." Chloe: "Isn't this just a lame excuse for Inker to avoid writing the story for a month?" Zia: "We get paid either way, so who cares?"
Characters: Chloe, Zia

November is Reader Mail Month! Send your questions in during the month of October, and in November, we'll answer the best ones!

Please send your questions via Notes: Comments here will be ignored.

We want to give a big thanks to all the fans who've supported us for the last six months, and here's looking forward to more fun Day Two stories to come!

— Inker