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#92. Renumbering Chapter 4. Me, Myself, and Yikes

Ch 4.11 * #92 * Dec. 20, 2020
  1. Sophia: "We're going to try to replicate enough of the experiment that we can send your friends back, but it'll take a while. Hours, if not years."
  2. Chloe (points at Two): "They're not my friends. They're just alternate versions of me." Two (frowning).
  3. Three (grinning): "Yep, I'm Chloe One, and you're Chloe Two, and she's Chloe Three."
  4. Chloe: "Wait, I thought we agreed I'm One, she's Two, and the spider is Three." Two: "I dunno, speaking as the only human here, you both seem like knock-offs and seconds to me."
Characters: Chloe, Sophia, Three, Two

With apologies to Futurama.

— Inker