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#140. Bonus Lynne Artwork Chapter 5. My Lunch with Lynne

Bonus Lynne Artwork
Ch 5.26 * #140 * Nov. 27, 2022
  1. *Lynne leaping out of the water at her water show, smiling and waving, dressed as Ariel.*

I drew an entire chapter about a mermaid for six months straight... and she doesn't appear in the water even once in it. I figured there'd probably be a riot if people didn't get to see her swimming, so here's a bonus drawing.

So here's Lynne at her job in their world's Disneyland. She performs in eight water shows a day as Ariel, the star attraction, and it should be no surprise that audiences line up for hours waiting to see the pretty, cheerful, real live mermaid. She only lip-syncs to the music, but let's face it, nobody came there to hear her sing 😉 After each show, she spends a full 20 minutes signing autographs ( — and fending off requests to marry her!). It's hard work, but Lynne's an outdoor girl, and she adores every minute of it.

The background is drawn to look like it's at some fusion of the water shows at Disneyworld/SeaWorld/Busch Gardens/etc., but it doesn't really match any of them.

Yes, four fingers on each hand. That's been canon since the beginning of the story, and I can't change it here 😉

— Inker