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#139. See You Next Wednesday Chapter 5. My Lunch with Lynne

See You Next Wednesday
Ch 5.25 * #139 * Nov. 20, 2022
  1. *Chloe and Lynne walking to the bus stop near Lynne's apartment* Lynne: "I know it's not fair."
  2. Lynne: "What you need is out there somewhere too. You'll find it."
  3. *Chloe and Lynne, waiting at the bus stop.*
  4. Lynne: "I know we weren't ever really close before. But you're my only sister, horse and all. It's us against the world." Chloe (depressed): "...Yeah."
  5. *Lynne leans out of her wheelchair and hugs Chloe's waist.*
  6. Lynne (as the bus arrives): "Promise to meet me next week for lunch?" Chloe (a little more upbeat): "Yeah. But just lunch next time."
Characters: Chloe, Lynne

I really love how this chapter ends. That hug really gets you.

And that ends Chapter 5, "My Lunch with Lynne."

Day Two, really, is about character and theme far more than it's about plot. It's not what happens to you that matters: It's who you are in response. Lynne wanted not to feel stuck, and to feel like someone truly understood and cared what she was going through — and who better than her big sister, who's dealing with the exact same issues?

I have to wonder after this how often Lynne really will use the portal for even a few hours of being human. I suspect that after the first few months of trying it once or twice a month, the notion that she could use it will be more important to her than actually using it, and by the end of a year, she'll realize it's been six months since she was "human," and it won't bother her one bit.

Anyway, this ends chapter 5. There's a bonus page next week, and then we'll have FAQ Month next!

— Inker