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#134. Poor Unfortunate Soul Chapter 5. My Lunch with Lynne

Poor Unfortunate Soul
Ch 5.20 * #134 * Oct. 16, 2022
  1. Lynne: "I — I know this is what I wanted, but — my job." "They want mermaid Ariel, not human Ariel." Chloe: "I'm so sorry, Lynne."
  2. Lynne: "No, I wished for this." "Just like her, I wished so hard to be human that it actually happened."
  3. Lynne (leaving Chloe's room): "And just like her, I have to deal with the consequences." "I loved that job, but — now — "
  4. Zia: "Hey, wait..." Zia: "Our portal..." Zia: "Turned the little mermaid..." Zia: "INTO A HUMAN!"
  5. Zia (exuberant): "LET'S CALL IT URSULA!!"
  6. Lynne: "Is she always like this?" Chloe: "Honestly, you get used to it." Zia: *eh?* *eh?*
Characters: Chloe, Lynne, Zia

Nuts, I think Zia found my stash of pixy sticks again. I swear that name is not going to become canon >_<''


Panel #5 here is one of the most fun panels I've ever drawn in the entire comic. Zia gets all the best lines, and that's Zia turned up to 10,000%.

— Inker