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Lynne Character Sheet
#0 * Nov. 29, 2019
  1. Lynne. Full name *Lynne Elizabeth Bloom*. Species *Mermaid*. Gender *Female*. Age *23*.
  2. *Brick Red* fill, *Ruby Red* border, *Light Orange* hilight. Uses wheelchair when on land. Charcoal-gray seat & gray wheels. Straight hair, to waist. Natural red. Longer than Chloe's. Skin tone is cmyk(0,8,16,0) like Chloe's.
  3. Bangs medium-length, loose, parted in half at the middle. Half-covers her eyes. Eyes same shape as Chloe, but Grass Green. Same nose & face. Expression is usually "down" or reserved. Square-cut top. One cup size bigger than Chloe. Calf-length *Deep Yellow* dress. *Red Brown* border, and *Light Orange* belt. *Grass Green* tail. 25% longer than human legs. *Faded Green* flippers & hilights.
  4. *Bio:* Lynne is Chloe’s younger sister, and lives in Garden Grove, California. She takes the bus from her house to her job at Disneyland, where she performs in eight water shows a day as Ariel.
  5. *Appearance:* She has natural red hair and green eyes. Her green mermaid tail matches her eye color.
  6. *Expressions:* Minimal. Her eyebrows rarely move. She looks down a lot. Her mouth doesn’t open far. Smiles are rare, and not very wide.
  7. *Loves*: Tennis, Volleyball, Jogging, Nature hikes, Sunny days, Sandwiches, The color yellow, Her job, Trashy novels, Romance movies, Tall guys.
  8. *Hates*: Her wheelchair, Gym bros, Math, Offices, Crowds, Loud rooms, Alcohol, Shellfish, TV news, Makeup, Sleeping in a tank.
Character: Lynne

I've been creating character sheets for the new characters in Day Two to help me to get appearances, expressions, and personalities right. Eventually, I'll go back and create character sheets for Chloe and Zia and Sophia and Amy and a few others, but here, we're starting with Lynne, whom I revealed on Patreon three months ago. (And there's already another new character, Priscilla, available to Fans on Patreon right now!)

Lynne, as you may recall from comic #7, is Chloe's younger sister. She'll be a major "guest" character in Chapter 4, "My Lunch with Lynne." That's scheduled probably for some time next year, but here, at least, is her character sheet, which shows her character design, some bio, and some things she likes and dislikes. Hope you all like her, and feel free to ask questions about her (but just remember that I won't reveal any spoilers!).

— Inker