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#42. Reader Mail Month #4 Reader Mail Month

Reader Mail Month #4
#42 * Nov. 24, 2019
  1. Chloe: "AzaleaCloud asks, 'Chloe and Zia, what do you miss most about having human legs?" "Um, how about the 'having them' part?"
  2. Zia: "I dunno, I mean, I walk turtle-slow, but my tail can open the fridge from the couch!" Chloe: "Yeah, I wish you wouldn't do that. ...Creepy-ass tentacle thing crawling all over the apartment."
  3. Zia: "You're just jealous!" Chloe: "Of having to lay on the floor all the time? Hard pass."
  4. Zia: "Lesboat asks, 'Chloe: Since you can't even reach far enough to brush your tail, how to you take care of personal needs? I expect a practical demonstration!'" Chloe: "Eew, I am not doing that!" Zia: "You have to answer! Those are the rules!"
  5. Chloe: "Fine. Equine sphincters are self-cleaning organs and are being researched as a way to possibly create self-cleaning rubber pipes in the manufacturing industry."
  6. Zia: "Gawd, TMI. You could've just said 'a special tool' or something." Chloe: "You give me a bad question, and I will give you a bad answer."
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