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#41. Reader Mail Month #3 Reader Mail Month

Reader Mail Month #3
#41 * Nov. 17, 2019
  1. Chloe: "Thedoctor374 asks, 'Zia, how long is your tail?'"
  2. Zia: "13.5 cubits! Or 31.5 cubits!" Chloe: "Well, which is it? Also, what's a cubit?" Zia: "About a quarter of a fathom." Chloe: "Can't you just answer normally?" Zia: "What's the fun in that? How about in attoparsecs?" Chloe: "No."
  3. Chloe: "Next question: 'Zia, who's this secret bird-guy you're feeding? The one more important than your home/rent.'" Zia: "Um, I think he means the 'Feed-the-Birds' bit. And — that was a joke."
  4. Zia: "Kaze-Youko asks, 'If Chloe and Zia could have chosen what they were transformed into, what would they have chosen?'" "How about you, Chloe?"
  5. Chloe: "Easy, Human." Zia: "I don't think you're allowed to pick 'human.'" Chloe: "Fine, then. Elf." Zia: "Pretty sure that's cheating too." Chloe: "Hobbit? Dwarf?" Zia: "Never mind." Chloe: "Okay, genius, then how about you?"
  6. Zia: "I saw this girl the other day who was half a red sports car, so I think it might be fun to be a Sherman Tank." Chloe: "Geez, you're weird." Zia: "Remember that one anime where the guy had a cannon in his chest? Epic!"
Characters: Chloe, Zia

I'm not sure which anime Zia's referring to. There are so many to choose from...

— Inker